Friday, April 3, 2020 11:46:44 AM
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Company Profile : Advance Construction Company
  Ownership : Private Industry : Construction/Operation & Maintance/Real Estate/IT
  City : Jeddah State : Abu Dhabi
  Country : Saudi Arabia Street : street
  Phone : 009662 6501555 Fax : 009662 6501555 Ext. 222
  Zip : 12433 Website :
  Address : address
Contact Info
  Contact Person Name : contact person
  Phone : contact person phone
Company Info
  A glance at our organisation char drawn hereafter reflects our organisational philosophy based on decentralization as per activity or function.
We opted for divisional functions and activities in order to provide a certain independence and mobility for the action of each division aiming to prevent bureaucracy and slow motion. But we have furnished the company of integrated control systems by an excellent reporting on quality and cost control.
The line of authority of departments is self-defined vertically also our horizontal communication system is enriching the company by transmitting flow of experience & know-how to every department for sharing purposes.

If objectives are clear 50% of the work is accomplished.
In Civil Engineering: Specialise into luxurious & sophisticated construction.
Develop new systems and inject expertise & know-how.
Encourage professionalism into Civil Engineering industry.
Deliver on time as per clients needs and specifications.
Harmonious orchestration between Human Resources, Material, Equipment & Systems.
Level with prices of similar markets & disciplines.
Buy on time & Recruit on time to deliver on time.
Intensive market coverage by studied marketing mix
Imply for sister companies support for novelties & modernization
Company Benifits
  A well known company with a huge amount of employees serving Advance Construction Company for many years has a prove that how far we are from our vision. We believe on hard work.
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